At Kitsune Kon, I commissioned illus-bal a drawing of Nanaba and Gerger from Attack on Titan cuz they’re my ask blog babies, and I didn’t really give them any other real prompt and when they came by and dropped the top picture off, I actually shed legit tears because….LOOK AT THEM…..THEY’RE HAPPY, THEY’RE BROS, THEY’RE LAUGHING… pretty much depicted my view of the duo and l;kajsdfasdf it’s just amazing. So I went back and ordered another with a “battle feeling” prompt and got the bottom pic, heh.

Go check out their artwork, they’re super duper awesome.

((Home from the con, which went AMAZING. Now to unpack all our gear…but you know what? Today is Munday! I think it’s a good day to draw some ask blog stuff, yeah??? YEAH. See you in the evening!))